Hydraulic And Pneumatic Rubber Products

Hydraulic and Pneumatic products are used to help operate all sorts of equipment. The use of oil or water is called hydraulics and use of air or gas is known as pneumatics. We offer a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic products that are of superior quality and long lasting. They are 'O' Ring, Oil Seal, Cup Packing, Chevron Packing etc.

  Rubber 'O' Ring

Rubber 'O' Ring
Our broad range of 'O'rings are extensively used as mechanical seal or gasket. They are designed to bes seated in the groove and compressed during the seal.These rings are used in diverse industry.

We offer custom designed seals in standard cross-sections (imperial and metric) to any length or ID. The rings can molded or spliced to meet the exact specification of our clients. We also supply encapsulated 'O' rings that are coated with layer of another material at the top.

O Rings :

  • Nitrile (NBR)
  • Hydrogonated Nitrile (HNBR)
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone
  • Fluoroelastomer (FPM)
  • PTFE
  • 50/90 Shore Hardness

Description : O Ring Kit is the best popular contains set model of size O Rings.

Feature : O Rings Sealing compact set for general renew upgrade or repairing purpose.

Material : NBR, VITON, HNBR of 70-90 Durometer Shore A

Application : General Purpose for machine shop, plumbing ,Engineering Maintenance.

Quality Grade :

  • Advantage Standard O Ring Kits NBR 70 and NBR 90 are the Imperial (AS Standard) and Matric Sizes.
  • Automotive Air Condition Kit. This O Ring Kit HNBR 70 are used in R12 or R134a refrigerant for car's air conditioning system which also compatible to DENSO, CAR SONIC, SANDEN and ZEXEL A/C Compressor types.
 Rubber Oil Seal
Description : We manufacture high quality oil seals, hydraulic oil seals, hydraulic piston seals with high tolerance and resistance to corrosion. These are mechanical seal for deformation under pressure, high temperature and wear. Designed to perfection, the oil seals can be easily installed and provides years of hassle free life.

Material : NBR, VITON and HNBR.

Feature : Rubber Coated with metal case or spring, high mechanical strength, sealant and rusty resistance.

Application : Hydraulic seals, vacuum seals, seals ,engine -motor shaft, transmission seals.
Rubber Oil Seal

Each seal (or gasket) can be classified into one of two types with regard to the motion acting relatively upon it.

Static Seals :
When there is very little or no motion of the mating assembly parts upon the seal, a static condition exists. Usually just an initial compression or periodic (open and close) compressions, this type of seal; i.e. a liquid seal in a hose joint, a door seal on a home.

Design Considerations are rather straightforward.

  • When compressed, as with an O-ring or face gasket, pressure acts in essentially a vertical direction relative to the face, squeezing between two opposing surfaces to eliminate gaps.
  • Outward expansion results in the horizontal direction as a pressure relief, and this profile change needs to be accommodated in the mounting surface design.
  • Compression forces need to be assessed. Various design elements can be introduced if too high; i.e., lower durometer, hollow shapes, sponge/foam and/or thin walls.
  • Recommended compression range is 10% - 30%, and no more than 50%.
Dynamic Seals :
Where repeated motions act upon the seal as in a circumferential,axial or angular direction, a dynamic condition exists. Repeated actions upon the seal, either regularly or periodic, this type of seal; i.e. a piston ring seal or shock absorption mechanism.

Design Considerations are more complex than static seals, primarily resulting from the changing stress levels. In addition to the static seal considerations, the environment may require:

  • Abrasion resistance becomes important and is affected by the mating surface finishes.
  • Recovery speed after compression to the original released height.
  • Compression set, or the percentage of relaxation of the dimensions versus the original uncompressed dimensions
  • Temperature changes, thermal cycling.
  • Distortion: squeeze, stretch - ability to recover.
Physical strength: tensile strength, tear resistance.
 Cup Packing Seal
Cup Packing Seal
We provide finest quality of cup packing for various hydraulic apparatus. These packings are specially designed to seal reciprocation pistons, plungers or rams.The cup packing supplied by us can be impregnated in different ways including Thiokol, Carnauba wax and more. Our range of cup packings are available in different sizes and specifications as per the requirement of our clients.
 Chevron Packing Seal
Chevron Packing is designed for sealing rods, pistons and plungers in hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic presses. The system involves multiple lip packing that is widely known for its reliability and long life. These packing are made to withstand adverse mechanical conditions and can be used in split form.

The chevron seal sets are arranged in 3 different versions.

Type A : Has 3 to 5 fabric seals, and can be installed in adjustable or non-adjustable sealing areas.

Type B : Has 3 to 5 fabric seals, one rubber-sprung support ring and are installed in non-adjustable Sealing areas. Constant axial pre-tension.

Type C : Has 2 to 4 fabric seals, one rubber packing and can be installed in adjustable and non- adjustable sealing areas.
Chevron Packing Seal

For increased sealing effect.

Type A and B can be supplied in open form. Type C is always supplied closed. Examples of use:

  • Injection moulding machines
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Compression moulding
  • Special cylinders
  • Marine hydraulics
  • Steel hydraulics engineering
Scrop metal shearing
 TDUO Seal
We manufacture quality TDUOSeal that are extensively used for piston applications and internal distributor (DI) seals or hat and u-seals for gland or rod seal applications. The complete assembly comprises of rubber cups and double cups. These seals are available in variety of specifications per the industry specific requirement of our client
 Piston Guide Rings

The Piston Guide Rings are used for guiding the piston in the cylinder bore and the rod in the cylinder head in a hydraulic cylinder. They also function to withstand the high load impact and prevent contact between the metallic parts. We offer our customers guide rings with perfect roundness and spring tension based on their requirements.

We also supply carbon filled piston rings for non lubricated unit.Available in diverse material specification, these piston guide rings can be exactly customized as per the specifications, drawing sand samples provided by the customer.

Piston Guide Rings
 Wiper Seal
Wiper Seal

We offer high quality wiper seals that are used to prevent contamination in hydraulics. Engineered to precision, these seals perfectly fits the rod while completely sealing the housing of the cylinder. The wiper seals can be custom designed based on the specification of our customers.

 Piston Seal

We manufacture quality piston seals that provide a ultimate sealing effect over a wide range of temperature. These pistons are specially designed to avoid extensive drag pressure. Our range of pistons seals provides excellent wear resistant for use in lubricated or dry pneumatic applications.

Piston Seal
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