Industrial Rubber Products

We are specialized in many General Rubber Products that are used in different industries. These products are made of superior quality rubber and serve efficiently. They are highly dependable and are long lasting. These products are Bellows, Spacer, Sheets, Butterfly Valve Diaphragm, Rubber Roller, VD & VOD Sealing Ring and many more

  Rubber Bellow

Bellows are the device pressurized air in a controlled quantity to a controlled location. These products are mainly used in automobile, machine tool and medical industries. We manufacture bellow finest quality of synthetic material that can work under the most adverse conditions. Available in various shapes and sizes, our products can be customized to suit industry specific needs of our clients
 Rubber Spacer
We offer superior quality of rubber spacer that are made of synthetic rubber (Buna - N) Nitrile. These spacer are used for to create a space between two objects, often to properly position them. They also prevent scratching or marring strips. These spacers can be molded to any size and thickness as per the requirement of the customers.

 Silicone Rubber Sheet

We provide a wide array of silicone rubber sheets and silicon soft sheets from 10 hardness to25 hardness. These sheets are engineered to withstand high pressure and are flame retardant. We also provide other rubber sheet including conductive sheet, conductive rubber sheets, Viton, EPDM,Neporene, Nitrile and more.



1 ft to 1 ft

1 to 10 MM

2 ft to 2 ft

1 to 10 MM

1 m to 1 m

1 to 10 MM

2 m to 2m

1 to 10 MM

Will withstand repeated steam and dry heat sterlisation excellent for electrical insulation differentially permeable to various gases will operate at temperatures from -80 to 200 deg. C resistance to ozone, oxidation, u.v light, corona discharge, cosmic radiation.

Transparent silicone rubber sheet silicone soft sheet from 10hardness to 25 hardness conductive silicone rubber sheet as per your ohms silicone sheet with fabric for pressure withstand flame retardent (ul 94v-0) other rubber sheet, viton, epdm, neporene,nitrile sales tax extra as applicable.

Natural Rubber/ SBR Sheets

  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Good weather resistance
  • Fair to good alkali and acid resistance
  • Affected by oils, fats, fuels and oxidizing acids.

EPDM Rubber Sheets

  • Excellent weather, ozone and steam resistance.
  • Moderate resistance to acids.

Chloroprene (Neoprene) Rubber Sheets

  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Moderately resistant to oils and fats.

Silicon Rubber Sheets

  • Good resistant to weather ageing, ozone and chemicals.
  • Low permeability to gas, air and high dielectric strengths.
  • Available in Red/White & Transparent colour for Phamaceutical Industry.
  • High resistant to temperature(+250° to - 80°).

Viton Rubber Sheets

  • Excellent resistant to ozon, oxygen, mineral, oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, solvents & chemicals.
  • Low permeability to gas, air and high dielectric strengths.
  • Available in White & Black colour.
  • High resistant to temperature(+300° to - 20°).

Food Grade Rubber Sheets

  • Used for gaskets, washers and other items in contact with edible products.

Abrasion Resistant Sheets

  • Highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion.
  • Ideally suited as skirt boards, and for pits and mines and other heavy duty applications.

Diaphragm Rubber Sheets

Nitrile sheets with nylon insertion used as diaphragms for oil, LPG & solvent resistant applications
 Butterfly Valve Diaphragm
We offer our customers Butterfly Valve Diaphragm that are light in weight , compact in design and easy to install. These valve diaphragm is available with integrally moulded elastomer body sleeve are designed for longer life and trouble free performance. The molded sleeve ensure minimum friction between the disc and sleeve increasing the life and performance of the machine.

 Rubber Roller

Our range of rubber roller are extensively used in steel, paper, textile, printing, plastic,tanneries and other allied industries. The rollers we manufactures are particularly used in graphic industry, hosiery and steel plants.Coated with PU, these rubbers rollers are available in variety of specification as per the requirement of the customers.
 VD & VOD Sealing Ring

We offer a unique vacuum sealing system with our exclusive range of VD & VOD Sealing Rings. These sealing rings are made of Neoprene and Silicone Rubber and are available in variety of different specifications.
Standard Sizes :

1. OD 45mm X ID 10MM X 7 Mtr
2. OD 50mm X ID 10mm X 15 mtr
3. OD 35mm X ID 10mm X 7 mtr

 Fiber Sealing Gasket

Manufactured with precision, our fiber sealing gasket are widely used for sealing joint cover for fibre optic cable. The complete set of fibre sealing gasket comprises of a cable-joining box element and at least one entry aperture and one exit aperture for the cables. Highly elastic,these sealing gaskets are provided with a hole that are deferrable so as to fill the apertures as an interference fit when the cover is connected to base.

 Diaphragm Value

The Diaphragm valve have one piece rugged body with cross ribs at flanged ends. These valves are specially designed to increase the performance and life of the machineries. The diaphragm manufactured by us are used in diverse application in Dispensing Pumps, Vacuum Pumps and Compressors, conveying Pumps, Brakes Systems, Exhaust Gas re circulation Valves, Hydro Mounts, Other Automotive Valves and more.

 Conductive Pad
Our range of Conductive pad are ideally suited for use in bonding hybrid circuit substrates, power semiconductor components and devices to heat sinks. These products are also used for are also used in other bonding application where flexibility and thermal conductivity is a major concern. The conductive pad are ideal for potting electrical materials such as transformers, power supplies, coils and more.
 Rubber Muff / Flap
Made from finest quality of material, our range of heavy duty rubber flaps are designed to work under most rugged condition. They can withstand high temperature and pressure while protecting the tube from any kind of damage by direct contact with the rim. These flaps offers trouble free service and ensures the long life of the machine.
 Metal Bonded Part
Presenting an exclusive range of metal bonded parts that are have a proven performance in diverse industry. Our metal bonded parts are widely acclaimed for their excellent performance and long service life. These parts are available in variety of specification as per the requirement of the client
 Jet and Beam Dying Gasket
The Jet and Beam Dying Gasket are widely used in textile industry as a sealant for various machineries. Made of Silicon rubber, these gaskets can withstand high temperature and are corrosion resistant.
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